I’m a New Order fan from way back. I’ve taken many a walk to the sounds of “Ceremony”,”Thieves Like Us” and “Age Of Consent” and each song has a specific little memory attached. It’s likely that I’ll never be able to hear the same way again is “True Faith.”

This particular New Order song is the soundtrack to an infamous Internet gore video called “1 Lunatic, 1 Ice Pick.” While I haven’t yet seen this video, I’ve seen quite a few “reaction videos” to it, and they all play the audio, which is just a loop of the song. If you’re not familiar with the corners of the Internet that deal in this particular form of entertainment, the video depicts a man doing a variety of gruesome acts to another man, including but not limited to stabbing him with an ice pick and dismembering his body. If you have a solid stomach, there’s a full description available at the DocumentingReality message board (proceed at your own risk!).

While there are many gore videos online of questionable origin, this video is very real. The aforementioned lunatic is Luka Magnotta, a gay porn actor and escort who struggled for years to get attention and fame, auditioning for several reality shows (he was never cast in any). One of the weirder things he did initially was to circulate rumors that he was dating the infamous fellow Canadian murderer Karla Homolka,who some say he was “obsessed” with. Perhaps he got the inspiration to film his crimes from Karla and her partner in crime Paul Bernardo. They also enjoyed filming their own depraved acts.

When none of these techniques worked to get him the massive amount of attention he required, Magnotta moved on to creating animal abuse videos (one was called 1 boy, 2 kittens) which attracted the attention of animal abuse watchdog groups. Luka actually tipped members of the groups on to his name and authorities in Canada were warned but nothing was done. Like many killers before him, Magnotta then escalated to a human victim.

His victim was Chinese international student Jun Lin. The two met via a Craigslist ad; Magnotta advertised he was looking for actors to star in a “private” film. Some of Jun Lin’s last few moments on earth are captured in the security footage from Magnotta’s building. In the same batch of security footage, you can also see Magnotta dumping many bags of trash in the dumpster, as well as bringing a suitcase into the building (which he would then use to stash parts of Lin’s body, which would later be discovered).

While killers through out time have bragged about their crimes and loved the notoriety they receive, none were as calculating and organized as Magnotta, thanks to his Internet marketing savvy. He started promoting the “1 Lunatic, 1 Icepick” video on gore sites 2 weeks before he created it, even creating sock puppet accounts to reply to his postings and create more interest. In another life, Luka Magnotta could have used these talents as a marketing consultant.

Instead, his need for validation and attention drove him to extremes, to achieve fame by any means necessary and he was able to do so using the most powerful media distribution method of all time. Had this crime occurred 30 years ago, Magnotta’s videos would have been relegated to obscurity. In an interview played on Sword & Scale, Jun Lin’s mother mentioned that the saddest part about her son’s death was that the video existed and that thousands of people had watched her son be tortured over and over again. Even in the true crime community, where we read story after story of death and depravity, for the most part, we fill in the details in our heads. Having such acts documented and out in the public eye makes this story even more sad.

Luka Magnotta was eventually captured in Germany at an Internet cafe where he was reportedly reading stories about himself. He was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. Several papers in Canada report that he is marrying another inmate.